Ichiddo Ramen Minneapolis
Ichiddo Ramen is an authentic Japanese noodle restaurant in Roseville, Twin Cities. Our menu is based on Japanese noodle soup and ramen.Ramen is referred to the noodle in Japanese language. Our main menu is ramen, and we serve different types of ramen, such as  char siu and stir fried ramen. However,  our side menu has stir fried rice, appetizers and beverages.

In Japanese food culture, appetizers are served with main courses. Japanese appetizers are very special. Because different appetizer has its unique homemade sauce which makes the appetizer very delicious. In our restaurant,  for example, whether you taste the calamari, gyoza, or you have the short ribs or tofu ban, you always have unforgettable tasting experience of Japanese home made sauce.

The main toppings of our menu are beef, chicken, and seafood. In addition to the main toppings, we also serve additional toppings, such as kimchi, bamboo shoot or fish cake, and more.

Ichiddo Ramen is not only a popular place to taste Japanese style ramen, it also a cute place to experience the unique Japanese food culture.
We open 6 days a week during the lunch and dinner. Parking is always available. For reservation, please call (651)797-3284 or contact us.